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It’s a well known fact that the film industry is shifting towards a full digitalisation of its products with players such as Netflix or Hulu on the market. In Horror Inc. we decided to give a special, kind of a boutique store VOD service that specialise in Horror neto and is available for a worldwide distribution.You’ll find here movies from any genre you can think of, starting with the big shots Vamp Zombie and going deeper to culties from the 80′s or rare online Giallos.

We divided our library to the most common genres in Horror to get you started right away. You can always use the search bar on the top control panel to try and find anything using any word of your choice, whether it’s your favorite director, actor, certain title, keyword or whatever else.

Horror Inc. is a fully legal site; this means we respect filmmakers and their films. All the content in the site was legally licensed for us to use and access to our content requires a simple and safe registration process while you have the choice of becoming a member and purchase an all included access monthly subscription or simply go with PPV plan and pay only for a certain movie of your choice. You can find further details on our pricing policy here. Technically speaking, we allow all users a free five minutes preview for all the video content on site that gives you a chance to evaluate the content before purchasing. Right after the free preview a non-subscriber user will be presented with a “Pay-wall” that will guide him through the registration and payment process.