Horror Inc. allows all customers, registered or not, to have access to our huge VOD service.
The Log Inc. on the other hand, allows registered users to become part of our community, have the ability to comment on their favorite or most hated videos :), use our Forum platform, and basically be an active part in the site social system.
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We offer two pricing plans as followed:

Monthly subscription plan -

It’s an all you can eat video deal, all titles included for a limited time of one month from the subscription day. In this plan, all video content on site will be available to your viewing pleasure for as many reruns you desire, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a period of one month. Once you’ve completed the payment process and subscribed, all the content will be available to you without the “Pay-Wall” coming up after the five minutes complementary preview suggested to all users. At the end of your subscription period and in order to purchase a new subscription you’ll need to renew it.

The monthly subscription plan fee is $4.99 a month.

**Cancelation** – on Horror Inc. VOD we do not have any cancelation fees but there are no refunds for partial month usage. Once you’ve completed the monthly subscription plan registration, it will be available to you for a period of one month as explained above and will not be automatically renewed. If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply do not renew it.


PPV plan -

This plan fits viewers that are only interested in watching just one or some of our suggested titles. Once you’ve completed a simple registration and payment process displayed within the “Pay-Wall” coming up after the five minutes complementary preview suggested to all users, the requested title will fully be available for a limited 24 hours one time watch.

The PPV plan fee is $0.99 per title.