Horror Inc. allows all customers, registered or not, to have access to our huge VOD service.
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Horror Inc. calling all filmmakers! Our huge directory wants to grow even bigger and we are inviting the filmmakers among you to submit your film to our arsenal and make a home for your babies. What we offer is a co-op between you and our platform which is based upon an ever growing community that might have the urge to watch your film right now.
What you basically get?

  1. Expose your film on a worldwide internet platform which targets Horror fans only.
  2. Multiple devices exposure - Net, Mobile, Tablets, IPTV.
  3. A simple and easy processing of your film to our service while other services are playing hard to get.
  4. Two parallel broadcasting services – Horror Inc. VOD and TVicious.
  5. Royalties.

What we basically get?
  1. Expending of our video library with new quality content.
  2. You telling all your friends your film just got submitted to Horror Inc.
  3. Royalties.