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Welcome all Horror-holics! So, it’s like that – Horror Inc. VOD was designed with the keen intention to fulfill all your horrific needs… Built during early 2013, the site holds hundreds of video titles from all genres and all eras since the beginning of cinema. With the ever-growing community of horror film fan base, grows the demand for new content in film and therefore new and innovative filmmakers and proper video platforms. That’s where we come in.

The site tries to handle all corners of this sick world gathering both classic films in the genre and fresh from the reel indie newcomers. We do love this genre very much and our content and biz-dev team are making real efforts to create a unique web based blend of the best films we can put our hands on. Yes – we know, you don’t have some serious “cannons” here as Freddy or Jason (working on it…), but we do have a super serious amount of affordable and magnificent catalog you can’t find anywhere online. From 60′s Chris Lee titles to forbidden Giallos – You sure came to the right place.

Let’s talk LEGAL stuff. OUR SITE IS TOTALLY LEGAL! We BUY our movies. ALL OF THEM, with contracts and all! We started this project as Horror Lovers and for Horror Lovers as twisted as us, that’s why one of our prime goals is to help indie filmmakers make a home for their B’s and (If they’re good enough… or in this case… bad enough) people will actually pay to watch them! Feel free to check out our “Filmmakers\Submit Film” for more info on getting started working with us.

This is the place to give a heads up to some of you that may have something to say about parts of our very hard to get, very awesome, very gigantic film catalog: we hold a from-source ripped originals. Whether it’s a true Tod Browning classic or a 2014 “I shot this at my parents basement and could not afford proper lighting” Slasher, it’s being uploaded for your viewing pleasure as it is.

Our main business is a Video On Demand service but the bigger notion is to form an online community, sites connections and a viewer-filmmaker relationship. You will find here an open discussion Forum, relevant articles by our team and guest writers etc. Another feature we thought will be great is the TVicious! Some of us are in a constant need for a gore injection even at 03:00 AM so we gathered up a collection of our favorites that will broadcast 24\7 on a dedicated channel for Free, Yum!


The Horror Inc. team