Horror Inc. allows all customers, registered or not, to have access to our huge VOD service.
The Log Inc. on the other hand, allows registered users to become part of our community, have the ability to comment on their favorite or most hated videos :), use our Forum platform, and basically be an active part in the site social system.
Log in - Be a pal.



What is the difference between the site Log In and the “Pay-Wall” Log In?

We offer our users two methods of engagement. The Log In on site allows you to be an active part of our community – once signed in you can take part in different forum discussions and to comment on the films on site. These options are open for signed in users only. The “Pay-Wall” Log In is used to get you through the payment process and proceed to watching the films on site. Having these two options, you can choose between being a social engager or a video consumer, and of course we recommend both.


How do I watch a movie?

It’s simple. Choose your preferred genre or use the search option and select the title you want to see. Click the movie cover and you’ll be directed to the film page. Once on the film page, use the options on the video player to play and pause the movie or forward to the desired time using the stream bar. We remind you we offer a five minutes free preview, after which you’ll be presented with the “Pay-Wall” that will guide you through the payment process.


How does the payment process work?

If you haven’t logged in via the “Pay-Wall” in the past, it will pop up after a five minutes complementary free preview on each of our video titles, instructions on further steps in order to complete the payment process will be displayed on the “Pay-Wall” itself. You can find more details on our pricing plans here.


Is the payment process safe?

Yes it is. Horror Inc. VOD is using the services of the largest and safest billing companies in the world which supports other major VOD sites.


How much does it cost to watch a movie?

Please see our detailed pricing plans here.


How do I search for a movie?

You can either explore the site using our navigation bar and move through different genres or you can use our free search on the upper Nav-bar to search for anything and any word, director, title, actor, etc.


How can I cancel my subscription?

On Horror Inc. VOD we do not have any cancelation fees but there are no refunds for partial month usage. Once you’ve completed the monthly subscription plan registration, it will be available to you for a period of one month as explained above and will not be automatically renewed. If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply do not renew it.


How do I erase my user account?

User account can only be erased by our site admins. If you want to erase your account, please contact us and we’ll get back to you directly.


Do you have HD content?

Not at the moment, working on it and if you are a filmmaker and want to submit your HD content to our library, please click here.


What other languages does the site has to offer?

Except from several foreign films (some have built-in subtitles), all our titles are in English. Non-English films are displayed with their spoken language within the film title.


What about subtitles?

Unfortunately, we do not have an option to get subtitled films at the moment.


I’m having trouble with streaming, what can I do?

When talking about streaming, the variables that come to mind that affect it – are numerous. It differs from the user internet connection, supplier, country and location, bandwidth and lots of other factors. Usually, the minimum requirement for streaming SD video content online is at least 1.5MBPS connection speed. Due to the specified above, we cannot totally control the streaming quality especially when talking worldwide streaming, although we can assure you that Horror Inc. service is using the biggest and most efficient streaming and storage services in the world to give you the best service we can. Considering that said, you’re still very much welcome to contact us and we’ll try our best to figure out how to help you, if possible.


Do you suggest a downloadable content?

No we don’t. All titles on site are only available for streaming only.


Do you sell DVD’s?

No we don’t. All titles on site are only available for streaming only.


Which kind of browsers does the site support?

The site is best viewed using the common Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers; the site is also suitable for Opera and Internet Explorer 10 and above but minor differences in display may occur.


I’m a horror fan from Indonesia; can I use your services?

One of Horror Inc. major benefits which other sites cannot provide is worldwide streaming and broadcasting rights. We offer our online service to any customer in the world. So welcome, we love Indonesia!


How do I contact you?

Please visit our contact page here.


I’m in for a specific title that I can’t find on your site. What can I do?

Please visit our contact page here and write us. Sometimes we have the right connections to get our hands on some very rare stuff…


Why do I get a payment request after five minutes?

Horror Inc. is a legal site, this means we buy films and sell films. In order to watch a film after a complimentary 5 minutes free preview, a “Pay-Wall” appears that will prevent you from watching the entire film unless you are a paying customer. Please follow the instruction on the “Pay-Wall” if you want to continue with the payment process and get full access.


Is there any content on site suitable for children?

No. All titles on site are rated PG-13, R ,NC-17 or sometimes banned is some countries so… again. No.


Do I have to be over 18 in order to use the service?

Yes. If you’re here and you are under 18, you must have lied on our introduction page. The content on site is only appropriate to over 18 years of age customers.


Is your site legal?

Yes. The site is absolutely legal; we have the legal rights to stream each and every video title here.